Hello World,

We would like to introduce you to Gwynn Baseball, the next step in the Gwynn family legacy.  Gwynn Baseball is being formed in Southern California as the new standard of Elite, Developmental Travel Baseball to pass on the countless lessons, in both baseball and life, which the Gwynns have learned over their years of incredible experiences.

The motivation for starting Gwynn Baseball came from a passion for teaching.  Tony, as a brother and a father, was able to find something to learn from every piece of the game.  There was something to take away from every pitch, every swing, and every step around the base path.  We will be passing on those teachings to our players every day.  Partnerships have been established to educate the players about proper nutrition and physical conditioning to help them develop into healthy, young athletes.  Because safety is of utmost importance to us, we will be following the Pitch Smart guidelines recognized by Major League Baseball for youth players. The Gwynn Baseball Development Program will focus on the fundamentals, and use those skills as a base to create a plan for each player to grow individually, and as a member of the team.

Members of Gwynn Baseball not only become better baseball players, but they will grow on a personal level as well.  Our teachings will put strong emphasis on citizenship, and a high level of sportsmanship will be required at all times.  These young men will learn the value of competition, both against other teams, and internally versus the player and person they were the day before.  Gwynn Baseball will serve to develop good baseball players and great people.

If we are fortunate enough to work with a young athlete who is close to you, we would like to thank you for allowing us to teach them and have them as a part of our team.  Each player, even at this young age, would not be where they are without the support of those who are close to them.  We are looking forward to being a part of that team by creating a fun, positive, learning environment an creating memories these players can keep with them for the rest of their lives.


Tony Gwynn Jr., President

Chris Gwynn, Vice President


We welcome you to contact us for more information
about our team.