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(San Diego, CA, 12/5/2019) BPA Sports Group is proud to announce its affiliation with Gwynn BPA. As of December 5, 2019, Gwynn BPA will operate under the name of Gwynn BPA. Tony Gwynn and the entire Gwynn BPA staff will work and run their organization and collaborate with directors and staff of BPA Sports Group. We are excited about what the future holds for BPA Sports Group and our newest affiliated partner.

BPA Sports Group and Gwynn BPA joined forces to provide greater opportunities to players at both the youth and high school levels. We both share a passion for player development and share the ultimate goal of helping each player reach their full potential on the field as well as developing adults.  In addition, players from both organizations can be combined to build a powerhouse of baseball development across all age groups. This allows BPA Sports Group and Gwynn BPA to immediately create strong, competitive teams to compete at the highest level in major tournaments and showcases across the United States.

Chris Doyle, Co-Founder and Director of Player Development of BPA Sports Group stated, “BPA’s name in the travel baseball world is a prominent one. BPA has a great reputation, especially at the high school level, as being one of the more acknowledged organizations when it comes to success, talent, and advancing players to the next level. Adding the Gwynn name, which is one if not the most respected, loved, and cherished names in all of baseball was an opportunity that BPA is grateful to welcome.”

Tony Gwynn Jr. founder of Gwynn BPA also stated “BPA Sports Group has positioned itself as a leader in the travel ball community. As a result, it has been used as a vehicle to place many of its respective players beyond high school competition. Collaborating with BPA strengthens our efforts in providing a competitive platform beyond our local demographics. What is more, it allows us to emphasize development throughout the entire process.”

BPA at the high school level is coordinated by Jared Sandler. Every year, BPA has achieved double digit numbers in Division-1 collegiate placements and in 2019, 6 players were drafted professionally. The BPA brand which runs from San Diego to Sacramento and he has also developed a relationship with an affiliate partner in Mississippi, the Yalobusha Giants. BPA is one of only 32 elite programs in the country that has Wilson Premier status- a coveted status and exclusive group of programs that participate in “invite only” college and professional recruiting showcase events. With the addition of BPA Gwynn to the BPA family, the brand continues to get stronger and is a growing force in the travel baseball world.

According to Derric Waller, Co-founder and General Manager of BPA Sports Group, “We are extremely excited to share this news with our San Diego community. Tony Gwynn and I have been in talks over the past couple of months about joining forces, and the more we talked the more it made sense to make this happen. We are both excited to grow our competitive, and successful travel baseball programs together, and we’re really looking forward to what the future has in store for us.”

BPA Sports Group is a group based out of Carlsbad California. It is our mission to develop relationships with top programs, coaches and teams that share our common goals. Collectively we develop the entire player providing quality instruction while fostering positive character attributes, respect for the game and an environment that demands maximum effort and attention to details.

Gwynn BPA is based out of Southern California. The motivation for starting Gwynn BPA came from a passion for teaching.  Tony, as a brother and a father, was able to find something to learn from every piece of the game. There is something to take away from every pitch, every swing, and every step around the base path.  Gwynn BPA passes on those teachings to our players every day. The Gwynn BPA Development Program focuses on the fundamentals and use those skills as a base to create a plan for each player to grow individually, and as a member of the team. Members of Gwynn BPA not only become better baseball players, but they grow on a personal level as well.


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